Occupational therapy can be beneficial to people of all ages, from all walks of life.

An occupational therapist can identify strengths or difficulties you may have in everyday situations, such as dressing, getting to the shops or playing sports. An occupational therapist will then help you work out practical solutions towards maintaining, or regaining your participation in these activities. Occupational therapists design programs that are meaningful to you by gaining a full understanding of your needs.

In recent years, there has been an increased focus on preventing injuries before they occur. As a result, occupational therapists now work more often with healthy people to prevent future injuries and disabilities.

Occupational therapists can work with you to identify goals that can help you maintain, regain or improve your independence by using different techniques, changing your environment and using new equipment.

If you strive to participate as an active member of society but are limited by physical, developmental, cognitive, or emotional difficulties, occupational therapy can also assist you. People seeking to learn skills for living independent and fulfilling lives can be assisted in living their everyday lives.

Let an occupational therapist help you maintain maximum health and quality of life.  If you are seeking a referral for yourself, please contact My Aged Care,  your care provider or general practitioner and request to use Connect2Health’s network of practitioners for a fast and reliable service.