Speech therapy specialises in the assessment and treatment of swallowing difficulties, communication difficulties such as voice problems, speech and language difficulties, social skills disorders, and education related to these areas.

These difficulties can interfere with your day-to-day life and activities and can also cause you great frustration.

If you have an issue in any of these areas, a speech pathologist can work with you identify your goals for treatment, and provide you with techniques and steps towards reaching these goals.

Speech pathologists work in a variety of ways including giving one-on-one therapy, doing home-based programs, giving resources and information, as well giving advice to families and other professionals.

A speech pathologist’s role is to advocate strongly for appropriate care and services for people with communication disabilities.

If you feel you may have one or more of these issues, let a speech pathologist assist you in the areas you require. If you are seeking a referral for yourself, please contact My Aged Care,  your care provider or general practitioner and request to use Connect2Health’s network of practitioners for a fast and reliable service.